History/ Writing Competition ~ PERFECT for you all!

Hey kids!

Exciting news, especially for those who love to write and have really grasped our current ‘Australia’s Story’ History unit!!!! Please read the RULES before you begin writing, but remember, you can use all of your learning this term to help you write a SHORT (120 word) journal entry!!!!!

ABC Education is holding a history/writing competition. Competition Link

Convict Children Competition

Write a journal entry describing life as a child convict.

When Australia was a British penal colony, some of the convicts sent over were children, punished with transportation for crimes like theft.

In your short journal entry (120 words max), make up a name, age, crime and sentence based on your knowledge of real convicts.

Check out our new Convict Children digibook to help you with your entry – it’s packed full of information about this period in Australian history.

When you’re done, scan or take a photo or screenshot of your entry and upload it below.

Opens: 7 June 2019, 9am (AEST)

Closes: 26 July 2019, 5pm (AEST)


1. Upload your entry

Tell your parents what you’re creating and uploading hereDO NOT use real names anywhere on your entry! You don’t need to register or log in, just fill the entry form and upload your image. Make-up a Display name for your entry.

Students can work individually or in a group. If you’re a teacher, parent or guardian, you can upload entries for your students/children.

2. Be nice

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Don’t pick on other people, and don’t include anything that might be hurtful or threatening, or encourages people to be unsafe.

3. Get permission

Make sure the stuff you upload is all your own work. If you do want to include something made by somebody else, make sure you have their permission. Don’t break any copyright laws. The sorts of things you commonly need to get permission for include: music, videos, images, audio, text, logos and trademarks.

Don’t post any personal details. Make sure you have the signed permission of any people appearing in your entry, and if you’re working with anyone 16 years old or under, you need their parents’ consent too. Here’s a Participant Release form you can use.

Be aware of brand logos (for example, on someone’s t-shirt or a can of drink). If you feature a brand too much, we may need to reject your entry.

4. Sharing your content

Only upload your content to this site if you don’t mind sharing it with everyone and you are happy for the ABC to use it on ABC websites, in ABC apps and maybe for broadcast on ABC TV.

5. All entries are moderated

We look at every entry before publishing it on the site, so it may take a few days before your entry appears in the gallery. If we’re unable to publish your entry, we’ll send you an email explaining why.

Family week

Family Week


Please complete the following activities for homework with your family during Week 3.

  • Explore the definitions of the words: giving/generosity/kindness-create a thesaurus, acrostic poem, haiku, stories to explore the words.
  • Compose a prayer as a family to use at home or school during family week. Please post your prayer on the blog page for Family Week.
  • Reflect on the sunburst and it’s ray of colour in the family week logo and create a wordle by clicking on the wordle below.



The year sixes in 5/6 ME are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please keep them in your prayers as they take their next step in their faith journey.

What gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit do you recognise in your own life?

Post a response.